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Can you get your splits in 30 days?

We all have different goals in life as dancers and as people. For many dancers, especially female, and active people in general, split is one of those goals. Some people just "have it", usually because they were training for it as kids and never really "lost" it. For others, it's a milestone that is really not that practical (well, there is a potential for impressive pictures :P) but just seem to be something that many of us want.

I won't dive a lot into why we want splits. Some people go for handstands, others want cartwheels, a 100 pushups or three minute planks. I am definitely in the "splits" section. Front splits, that is.

Intro - my splits history
Getting back into my front splits was my "lockdown" challenge during coronavirus pandemics. I had time, I didn't move as much as usual, so this seemed like a good thing to keep me moving.
I was never super flexible. As a kid, I don't really remember if I could do a split or not. Anywa…

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